GarageHawk Home & Away Garage Door Monitoring Package w/HomeRunner RBI GH_HRRBI

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Take advantage of our special package pricing on this super deal!  We've bundled the popular GarageHawk garage door monitoring system with the HomeRunner RBI to give you garage door monitoring and closing capabilities from anywhere in the would via your smartphone or other web enabled device.

Save $50 over the cost,if items were purchased separately. Package includes everything necessary to monitor and close your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any web-enabled device - no app. required. Easy to set up scenes and scheduled events - no PC required once programmed. Also controls most other INSTEON and X-10 devices. Graphical User Interface (GUI) is completely customizable - create your own backgrounds and buttons. Wired Internet connection required. Package Deal Includes: GarageHawk Garage Module, GarageHawk Remote Module, HomeRunner RBI Controller, 2412S PLM, Cables, Manuals

The GarageHawk system provides a visual garage door status indication via a small, plug-in remote module. Status is wirelessly reported from a companion module that is connected to the existing automatic garage door opener and shares its electrical outlet. The patented microprocessor-controlled technology allows the ability to remotely close a garage door, but when properly installed will never open a door that is already closed. The system requires no batteries and does not interfere with regular garage door opener operation, garage door sensors or other garage door safety features.  It is compatible with many popular Automation Controllers to allow garage door monitoring and closing from any Internet connected mobile device.


  • Notification via small Remote Module or web enabled device
  • HomeRunner RBI is completely user configurable
  • Add other INSTEON devices at any time to control lighting, appliances, HVAC, door locks, and other sensors
  • Additional Garage Modules can be added to monitor multiple garage doors
  • Provides verification feedback when garage door is closed
  • Provides email or text notification and remote closing
  • Easily installed using only a screwdriver -- no rewiring required
  • No batteries to replace, no monthly fees
  • GarageHawk employs patented INSTEON® wireless transmission standards

Essential Info

The GarageHawk G07/R07 Garage Door Monitor System Starter Kit allows you to wirelessly monitor and close your garage door from anywhere in your home. GarageHawk installs in minutes, using only a screw driver, just plug GarageHawk into any outlet. Red indicates an open garage door, simply press the button to remotely close your garage doors. When the light turns green, the garage doors are closed. There are no batteries required and settings are stored in non-volatile memory so the settings are automatically reset after a power failure. Additional Garage Modules are available so the system can control every garage door on the property. In addition, Remote Modules are available to monitor from as many rooms in the house as needed.

the HomeRunner RBI is a top rated hardware based automation controller.  Control all your INSTEON devices from a web browser graphic user interface.  Import photos of your rooms and control lighting, appliances, A/V, HVAC, etc. by simply touching the device in the photo.

More Info GarageHawk units employ INSTEON (PLC) standards to communicate over your existing power lines. GarageHawk is easily integrated with other INSTEON controllers, receivers, remote controls, and security systems to add additional functionality (e.g. automatically close garage doors at sundown or use Door Open indication to trigger other events or notifications). Note: For your security, GarageHawk does not have the capability to remotely open a closed garage door. This eliminates the possibility of the device being used to gain illegal entry to your property.

HomeRunner RBI Specifications
Manufacturer    JDS Technologies
Manufacturer Product No.    HRRBI
UPC    697429800016
Power Input    9-12 VDC @ 300mA (not required w/ 2412S INSTEON Power Line Modem (PLM) Module)
Front LEDs    "SEND" (Green)
"RECV" (Yellow)
"RUN" (Red)
Rear Connections   "NETWORK" (Ethernet, RJ45) "SERIAL" (RS232, RJ21 "PLM" Power Line Modem, RJ45) "12VDC IN" (9-12 VDC @ 200mA, 2.1 mm coax)
Serial Port Pinout    1=Transmit, 2=Ground, 3=Receive, 4=Not Used
Serial Port Baud Rate    Up to 115,200 bps, asynchronous
Data Format    8 Data Bits, No Parity, One Stop Bit
Delay Timers    16 simultaneous (shared)
Dynamic Timers    32
Variables    256
Flags    256
X10    256
INSTEON Devices    1024
Total System Links    5000
INSTEON Scenes    500 maximum
History Log    512 lines (FIFO)
Message Log    128 lines, 32 characters/line (FIFO)
Total User Memory    2.9 MB
Maximum Events    1024 or 50, 000 bytes maximum compiled
Maximum Then Macros    256 or 20,000 bytes maximum compiled
Dimensions    5.5" x 4" x 1.5"
Net Weight (controller only)    0.5 labs
Required Operating System    Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32- or 64-bit)

$ 598.99 $ 648.99